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If You Are Comfortable Then It’s Not Fashion

The title of the blog post is a result of observing women in see through leggings, ill fitting short shorts or oversized dresses that are unflattering to the female form – comfortable for them but not necessarily for our eyes.

As I people watch it dawned on me that women dress for three different types of audiences: for themselves, their girlfriends, and for their significant other.

When you are dressing for yourself, you wear what you feel comfortable in or whatever shows off what you consider to be your best asset i.e cleavage, legs, shoulders etc.

When you dress for your girlfriends, it can sometimes be ‘men repelling’. For some weird reason the Olsen twins come to mind – I mean I like the way they dress, but would I dress like them? Not necessarily.  Men repelling fashion is on trend, but your average mere male just can’t understand i.e. statement earrings that weigh about the same weight as a new born baby or our beloved shapeless maxi dresses.

When you dress for your significant other….well *raises one eye brow*, I don’t think I have to go into too much detail there, you should know what your partner likes to see you in. If you don’t – you are doing it wrong. Yeah, I said it.

I see each day as an opportunity for me to wear all my beloved clothes.


It excites me that I get to style my clothes my way and present my unapologetic version of myself, yes even in the workplace.

What I can say is I dress how I feel, even If sometimes I look back at the photos and cringe.

At the time when I put the outfit on I glanced in the mirror and it just felt right.

T-Shirt – Gucci | Skirt – Custom Made | Shoes  – Nordstrom


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