In My Natural State

For the last say eight months, I have been wearing a lace front wig.

I am sharing my secrets – so I will give you a moment so it can marinate in your mind.

Back in the day, it used to be embarrassing to say that – but in this modern world, it’s a status symbol! Women of colour from all over the world are proud to tell anyone that will listen about the number of bundles on their head.

Anyway, I digress.

Needless to say, with so much going on I had what you would call a “brain fart” on a Sunday night. I randomly decided that I just wanted to let my hair breath. It sounded good in theory, but the reality was very different. You see, my hair has grown significantly in the last eight months. Dealing with hair that does not want to be tamed each day…well, let’s just say, time is of the essence! I had forgotten how much work is required to keep an afro looking fresh, healthy, and bouncy. No shrinkage allowed!

To make matters worse half way through my work week I realised that I was due to present at a local university. The image of me on stage with big afro hair and matching big bold African print just didn’t marry well with the conservative nature of my organisation of employment. I suddenly remembered why I had originally chosen the unassuming lace front wig.

Later that night I panic braided my natural hair, found an old wig with a fringe and rocked it for the remaining work days. My work colleagues were confused – wondering how I had managed to get my hair so dead straight. I really didn’t entertain the conversations – they couldn’t handle the truth.

Again, I learnt the valuable lesson that hair is one thing that I never want to think about. Any hairstyle that I invite into my life should make me look and feel glamorous with minimal effort.

Top – Dotti | Jeans – Supre | Heels – Wittner

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