Infatuations | September 2017

I would describe myself as an obsessive person. When I like something I really like it. It’s all I think about – it’s all I want.

Right here, right now, I share some of my current obsessions. In no particular order:

Box Braids
Recently, I cleaned out my Instagram and started only following people that provide style inspiration. This basically translates to a whole lot of “South African” cool kids that are just S-L-A-Y-I-N-G! I honestly had forgotten how beautiful braids can look and the endless styling possibilities – this inspired my current hairstyle.

Estée Lauder Foundation
Every female I know has always raved about this product but I never believed the hype.  I have always been a die-hard M.A.C fan and too stingy to part with my hard earned cash to support something new. Curious about the possibilities, I managed to get a sample which I tried for about two weeks. I am now a BELIEVER. Typical – always late to the party!

High Wasted Jeans
Honestly, these jeans are God’s gift to women postpartum. Unless you are a celebrity with a personal trainer and a dietician on call your stomach is never really the same – so anything that helps to tuck away the lumps and bumps is much appreciated!

Vans Sneakers
We will be going overseas in a few weeks and I have been looking for shoes that give me style credibility and maintain function. Enter these sneakers! As you read this I am currently doing research to see how I could potentially style the shoes. They are slowly winning me over – I’m just going to think long and hard before I hit the finalize purchase button.

IamTinashe x0x0

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