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Keep Calm, Remember We Are All Human…

Is any one else getting horrified if not terrified of watching the news?

I don’t want to be ignorant, so I watch news and read up so that I am aware of what is happening around me – but each time I watch the news I am left with a queasy feeling in my stomach.

Why? Well the words just on print any more – its the visualisation of how are world has become a battlefield.

Every other day there is a reports of senseless killings, mass drug abuse resulting in horrific crimes you could never imagine, outbreak of this outbreak of that, misplaced refugees, sex trades,  xenophobia, the fight against ISIS – just to name a few. Fellow humans, this is our reality.

There just seems to be chaos and desperation everywhere.

As a human race we have to really ask ourselves;

What is going on?

Why is this happening? 

Why are people doing this?

I know that I alone do not have the answers, but talking about it is a start.

Something has to change. And change for the better,

Dress – Asos, Tribal Necklaces and Bracelets – Purchased Soweto Street Market, Pumps – Wittner

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