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Living With Purpose

It’s funny how we all pass through life’s infamous rut. Work. Eat. Exercise. Drink. Sleep. Clean The House. Laundry. Are you really living? I mean, living with purpose.

You owe that much to yourself – tomorrow is not guaranteed. Something a lot of us forget. We get caught up in the detail and forget to look at the bigger picture.

Oddly, I have been thinking about this, lately –  A LOT. Living with purpose – a minimalist approach to existence. One without emotional, physical, or financial baggage.

As such, and in no particular order, my areas of focus at the moment are:

Sleep more – As parents we have now reached a point where our little one is sleeping through the night. Time to payback the sleep debt. Reverse the aging process

Partake in vigorous exercise daily – I am already doing this but I want to push myself harder and see the changes are long for in the mirror.

Consume more water – This is something I have never been good at but I am determined to master it  – my body will thank me.

Be conscious of time Apart from money, time is the only other thing that we as humans measure – I need to wholly embrace this. Make time for myself.

Heart Race – Remind myself daily that I am growing up not old and do something that scares me each day.

Talk less, listen more – when you actively listen to others you learn so much. 

Last but not least….learn to relax more, master the art of doing nothing.

These listed items are all a series of adjustments that will take time. I’ll get there.

African Print Dress – IamTinashe Custom |  Heels – Wittner


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