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More Than A Woman…

I just don’t think men really understand what it’s like to be a woman, let alone comprehend the hard work that happens behind the scenes.

Let me break it down for you.

Each day starts with a good body and face wash/scrub.

A moisturizer is applied because it promises to keep our skin glowing and youthful looking. No one has time to look like they have been crawling in flour.

Some of us choose to apply face paint also known as make up. Consider it as armor that prepares her to fight a good fight. The world can be so heartless.

We also don undergarments and clothes that accentuate all the right lumps and lady curves. This gives us that extra confidence to take on the world.

Sweat is fat crying so we exercise daily.

Let’s not forget the monthly trips to have hair removed from unsightly places, hair appointments so our crown remains our pride and the weekly mani and pedicure.

This is just a base line routine for some women.

Men you have probably never noticed this goes on because she is still catering to your needs, working her full time job, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry hell maybe even looking after kids – all whilst looking flawless and unbothered (most of the time).

Yes she is more than the a beautiful woman who is by your side.

Fellas: Love, respect, honor, admire, protect and appreciate your woman – because if you don’t who will?

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