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Natural Deodorant | Does It Work?

How It All Started

I was having a conversation with one of my friends and she let it slip that she wasn’t wearing deodorant anymore. I was shocked and had endless questions.

She went on to explain that she was afraid that the aluminium in deodorant can cause either cancer (breast cancer being the biggest concern) or alzheimer’s disease – which both ran in her family – and she wasn’t willing to risk it. Wow. That took my breath away.

Days later, and intrigued, I picked up the phone to chat to another friend of mine who happens to be doctor. Without naming names we discussed the topic at great length. Her only comment? “A lot of people are choosing aluminium free deodorant or not to wear deodorant at all because people who practice natural medicine are pushing it. However there isn’t enough substantial scientific evidence to back it up”.

I would describe myself as a fairly confident person – but I am not confident enough to go completely without deodorant. So I decided to experiment with natural deodorant for five consecutive days.

Choosing the Natural Deodorant

Its funny how when you are looking for something, it’s suddenly all that you see  – everywhere!

Before doing this experiment – I was completely unaware of how competitive the natural deodorant market was. What was even more shocking was the price points! Prices varied from $10 – $90. Which can really sting (pun intended) especially for something that you’re just going to put under your armpits and keep it moving.

After looking at various options at various prices – I settled on Skin Natural Deodorant.

I mostly picked it because I was grocery shopping one day and randomly saw the deodorant at my local grocery store – Woolworths. That reminded me that I had not yet made a final decision. Also, I thought if it’s stocked at a major super store – you readers can trial out it out too.

How The Natural Deodorant Was Used:

For this experiment I applied the deodorant at 8am each day and put my nose to my armpits at 8pm each night. Sounds weird, but I wanted to make sure that I was judging the product in a consistent manner. “Setting controls”, as my Scientist husband would say.

Five Days Using Natural Deodorant | Breakdown

Day One – You know when you can actually smell yourself and you dread people coming near you because they might just get a whiff? Well..that was me. I had a really active day and this deodorant just didn’t hold up. I am not a sweater – so the smell was really an unwelcome surprise.

Day Two – I didn’t have much on as I spent most of the day in the office and was only really active at the end of the day. On this day my scent was still plain. Plain because there was no smell – just a scent of nothingness. If you are familiar with body odour –  this is a good thing.

Day Three – I had a fairly hectic morning with my toddler and forgot to wear deodorant completely. Funny thing is I was super active. When I remembered that I had not applied deodorant I became paranoid. When  gave myself the sniff test – I was alright – well my nostrils thought so.

Day Four – This was one of the colder days in the month – so I praised myself for choosing this time to test out this product. It was unusually hot in the office so I did have moments of sweating – but overall my scent at the end of the day was pleasant.

Day Five – My underarm skin was getting used to the natural deodorant. My underarm skin was looking smoother – a surprising benefit is that the discoloration seemed to be improving significantly!

Final Thoughts

Obviously since I have invested money in this product I am going to continue using it until it’s finished. If I am honest I have always thought that natural deodorants were for hippies (no offence) but this five day experiment has me convinced otherwise. I wont say I am completely converted but i am open to having it in my personal hygiene arsenal.

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