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Noreen – The Woman Behind Chenesai, The Brand.

I have known Noreen for a very long time – she is married to one of my good friends brother. Naturally being around the same age, nurturing a young family whilst working full time we naturally have a lot in common.

Its not secret that I love representing my heritage and I do that by wearing African print in corporate Australia – day in day out. When Noreen launched her brand Chenesai we became even closer. Below I give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with Noreen and get to know the woman behind the brand Chenesai. Lets go!

The Woman.

How would you define your personal style?

I am chic and modern without being overdone!  Simply put, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

What is your go to fashion outfit?

Right now, it has to be the ‘Kwese’ Jacket by ‘Chenesai’.  The literal translation of  ‘Kwese’ is everywhere.  I get so many wears from the Kwese jacket, its actually pretty amazing! It is definitely a one of a kind jacket.

What are your wardrobe’s must have items?

  • Reversible wrap dress for my Friday and Sunday
  • Reversible jacket for my Wednesday and Saturday
  • Wide legged pants for my Monday
  • High waist pencil skirt for Tuesday
  • Black dress shirt 
  • -¾  length body Fitted black dress

What are your go to accessories?

  • Small pearl earrings
  • A brooch 

What inspires your style?

Practical everyday life. I internalise my environment, which is then externalised through my style.  So naturally, the economy is a principle to my styling choices. On that point about the economy, I am convinced and have demonstrated that the size of your pocket does not and should not affect your style! In my view, that’s what makes a good stylist …I work well with a surplus or a deficit!

The Brand –  Chenesai

Tell us about Chenesai? 

The African woman of colour has always been a complex multi-faceted being.  For centuries, her survival has been bold, beautiful, and brilliant.  Within her fabric there has always been this profound ability to be the seed of nations, balanced with re-inventing cultures, one generation at a time. My vision with Chenesai is to remember, recover and reveal that which sustains the African woman through the fashion lens.

Why did you start Chenesai?

Chenesai was conceived in 2012 and birthed in December 2016.  I am a trained lawyer with a passion for fashion.  As such, I knew I needed to put time into the fashion industry to understand it and find my place in it.  Essentially, I had to earn my degree.  So, 2012, I founded Nono’s Kouture which offers basic tailoring services, calling ourselves ‘Fashion mechanics’ that ‘dare to be different’.  Four years later, I found my mark and formed my identity – thus the birth of ‘Chenesai’ in December 2016.

What are you hoping to achieve with your brand?

At Chenesai I strive to honour the African woman’s intricate narrative, thread by robust thread, design by innovative design.  I have a ground breaking global appreciation of style, and I am thrilled to invite everyone to personally advance this narrative when they wear ‘Chenesai’.  I am honoured to contribute to meaningful and sustainable fashion.

How can readers get some of your gorgeous pieces?

We invite our current and potential clients to contact us on Instagram @chenesaink or chenesaibrand or email us at  Also, find us on WHATSAPP at  +263 718 952 85

Thank you for sharing  Noreen! As a Brand Ambassador for Chenesai, I cant wait to show off the creations you have created for me!

If you or a friend would like to be a guest blogger please do not hesitate to contact me so we can share your  story.


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