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Out And About – Penny University

The other day I was having a phone conversation with my mom and she was like, “so far there is no content in the food section of the blog – what’s going on?”.

The food section of the blog was created so that I could share my recipes and showcase the end result – but also so that I could review the many eateries that my hubby and I frequent.

Winter started in Canberra during the last week of April and coming from sunny Queensland, we really felt the cold. If it wasn’t for work, I probably would not have been game to head out – which meant a lot of hibernating at home on the weekend. Lets just say, I am thankful for a central heating system.

Fast forward to now and we are fast approaching spring which means the weather is becoming a little more pleasant allowing us to explore the eateries in Canberra.

So were do we start? After reading rave reviews on Instagram we decided to venture out to Penny University based in Kingston, Canberra. After struggling to get parking when we arrived were not disappointed. The venue was contemporary yet rustic.

For me customer service is everything! I always get a sense of a place by the way the staff interact with the customers. Why? Well for starters as customers we are parting with our hard earned cash, so its important that they treat us real good – because truth be told we could equally eat food at your own damn house.

Whilst we perused the seasonal menu and had people watched we ordered some freshly made juices. They had a distinct taste and were very refreshing.

All the food presented on the menu all looked very appetising and we found it hard to make a decision. After making some queries with the waitress we settled on a fish dish and an omelette. Sounds like a simple order right? I think the photos shown above, really give you a visual of the delicious treat our taste buds were treated to.

Now if my hubby had it his way, he would happily stay at home and consume my food servings (no bias and all). To this day though he is still talking about this place. I think the food at Penny University did things for him and to honest I couldn’t agree more.

Overall we give this restaurant a score of 4.5 out of 5. I am a fussy eater so lets just say we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

You can find out more about the Penny University by visiting their Facebook page here.



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