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If you read my last blog post you would know that I have recently started a new role – so I have been busy getting into the swing of things.

There is really no room for excuses content must still be uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Which brings me to this months Guest Blogger segment. You guys don’t know this but our guest blogger is working hard behind the scenes as’s Creative Director. After years of begging she has finally decided to grace us with her presence and take centre stage as out guest blogger!

Introducing Ta…..

You don’t have to wait till January 1st to take stock of your journey in life thus far. As this month’s guest blogger my aim is to share my thoughts on how to take an introspective look at yourself. Six key questions can help you discover the who, what, when, where, how, and why you are you! The title of this post is an ode to Brandy and makes me think of the past 30 years of my existence and what life has taught me. The question (for me) is overwhelmingly clear- who am I to myself?? I guess I‘ll jump right in!

Who am I?

What identifies you.

Are you a wife (or a husband for our male readers)? A mother or father? A CEO? An artist? A free spirit? What is the essence of you? I am an ‘86 baby who has been driven and motivated by faith, family, close friends and life’s lessons to achieve and become the individual I am today – a daughter; a sister; a wife to be; a friend and a pet owner (read: mother). I am a woman who has accepted all of me and is still learning more with each day that passes.

What am I?

Define your role in your own life.

Your passion- your profession! This could be two-in-one (not the blanket) if you’re one of life’s lucky individuals who has found passion in their profession. I’m a qualified Town Planner, a Commerce graduate, and a Professional Services Consultant. So, I am not what I thought i was going to be (a policy officer/chef), instead I am what God intended me to be (a Boss Lady).

When am I?

Look at your position at this point in time in your life.

Confusing, I know. This didn’t make sense to me either. Until I thought about it. At what point in your life’s timeline are you? We plan where we want to be by a specific time- a manager by age 30; a wife/husband by 32; a parent by 34. Where are you in your life’s timeline?  I am current – I remember my past, where I have come from, what I wanted to achieve by now, and I can plan and see my future and where I am going. I am where I want to be. Appreciate every glorious triumph and every tragic set back and how each has brought you to this exact moment.

Where am I?

Where are you located mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally?

This allows you to reflect on where you want to be. Physically I’m in Australia, in sunny Queensland. My heart (and body) was born and will always be rooted in Zimbabwe. Spiritually I am overjoyed- I am not perfect in my attempt at righteousness, but I am with God. Mentally and emotionally I am happy and I have learnt to build a bridge between each of my locations as they are inter-dependent. So I am physically in Australia- and everywhere in between!

How am I?

Look introspectively- look inside yourself.

Hold a mirror up to your soul and what do you see? I am more than well and more than content. I am happy. And I attribute my happiness to my faith; my love; our puppy; my family; my friends and me.  I have learnt to keep in check with myself and accountable to myself.

Why am I?

This is the most important question (in my humble opinion) – it shapes the answers to all former questions.

What is your purpose? Your calling? Is it self-assigned based on your talents, or is it driven by a higher power? I don’t quite know how to answer this question- and I think that’s ok. It’s an evolving answer. Some days I’m here to change the world – and to raise a litter of puppies (#Dreams #Goals) –  some days I’m ticking the “here” box. However, I know who I am, what I am, where I am, when I am, how I am and the why is coming. I can feel it!!

Love yourself in this moment and allow yourself to see how, what and why you are to yourself.


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