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The Butterfly Effect…

I am in the last few weeks of being pregnant. How time flies right? I mean it could be worse – an elephant is pregnant for about 22 months.

Over the nine months that have passed I have gotten used to dressing my bump and carrying it around. As my pregnancy comes to an end I think I am going to miss my baby bump.

At the same time I am looking forward to delivering the baby because I feel some what trapped. I have stopped work, travelling interstate or overseas is a no no, just left with the surroundings around me. This is all because I could deliver literally at any moment and need to be in close proximity to the hospital – yikes!

Each day I find myself thinking about how things are going to be once she is here. What will labour be like? What will she look like? What kind of personality will she have? How will our lives change? Will we cope? So on and so on. Its all so unknown and for a control freak like me you can imagine how I am feeling.

No longer will I be a daughter, sister and wife – I will be taking on the additional title and responsibility of being someone’s mama. I am scared, anxious and excited – all at the same damn time.

Well my mama resume isn’t completely blank – laugh if you want to but in the past I have been a mother to fur babies and I loved them to bits. None of those animals under my care were ever unkept, malnutritioned let alone died in my care. I know, I know, its hardly comparable experience but it should count for something.

Being a mother to a human being that was created and formed inside of me well it comes with its own special responsibilities. Ideally I want to raise a law abiding citizen that positively contributes to society.

The stakes are high though because if we get it wrong as a parent we could have a drug addicted child who sells their body for cash to supply their habit or worse still a career criminal – who spends their life in and out of jail.

No judgement to those that have walked that walk and gotten their life back on track.

My imagination is pretty out there  – so yes the above is dramatic and definitely worst case scenario for any parent.

Parenting can be hard. I have heard it can be exhausting, terrifying, confusing and heartbreaking. It changes your body, your priorities, and  your financial situation.

Even with all that, I still think will be the best job in the world!

Necklace – Lovisa, Jumpsuit – Asos, Heels – Witnner

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