Three Hairstyles And A Baby…

It’s just before midnight everyone in the house is fast asleep – I am currently huddled on the floor of our walk in closet writing this blog post on my iPhone. Why? Firstly I can’t sleep – too much in my mind and in my heart, secondly I didn’t want to leave the bedroom and risk waking the baby and thirdly I need to get this post to be done and dusted.

Okay, so I recently discovered that having a new born baby and regularly changing hairstyles really doesn’t work. You want to switch up your hairstyleslike you used to? Tell her she is dreaming. Everything takes twice as long as it used to – but I am patient, I am told it gets better.

*side eyes everyone who has said that to me*

Not sure if you noticed but in an earlier post I had micro braids – big mistake on my part. I mean it looks good when you get it done, but who the hell is going to help you take it out?

I thought I had it all figured out. By recommendation I found a young girl who was willing to undo my braids for me for a reasonable price – can’t knock the hustle. I was all smiles until she cancelled on me not once but twice. By the third time I was like bugger it I will do it my damn self.

Monday morning came around and I started – probably undid about 20 braids if that before I had to call it a day. Tuesday, Wednesday the same thing happened. With a quarter of the braids undone on my head my hair was holding me hostage – I couldn’t leave the house without looking crazy, shady with a cap on or fresh off the boat with cloth/material covering my hair.

What can I say being a mother trumped my vanity. Motherhood changes you, but don’t get it twisted I still want to look fly. Say it with me – yummy mummy!

Thursday came along and to be honest not much happened with the undoing of the braids – I was over it. My head felt like it weight a tonne and my hands didn’t want to corporate. Later that night to my surprise baby Tasima decided to go to bed early – bless her – she will one day understand my struggle. I basically pulled an all nighter undoing my hair and went to bed just before 5am. I knew I would feel like shit during the day, but knew that the braids had been removed – so that made it all worth it.

The braids are out now what?

I could wear my own Afro out? Decided against that my tender head hated being brushed out each day, jumbo braid? Nope my scalp needs a rest. I decided to wig it, short and sassy wigs because baby Tasima now loves to grab and pull on mummy’s hair.

After washing, conditioning, air drying, moisturizing and cornrowing my hair – I was ready to install my wig. The below picture is the first wig I wore:


A short and curly cut. To tell the truth I didn’t mind it. What made me rethink my hair choice was when baby Tasima woke up from her nap and I was wearing my new hair and literally did double take. She even hesitated when I picked her up. They say children never lie.

Of course I was all the way in my feelings, but got the hint and switched it up to the below pixie cut:


As you can probably tell from the photo I was the only one excited about the new hair – baby Tasima’ face says it all – she was not feeling it AT ALL. Infact when I would breastfeed her she would stop midway look up and just laugh. They say children never lie.

I started thinking to myself what is that I am actually trying to achieve with my new hairstyle? The points below were my main goals:

  • “spring break” for my scalp
  • a protective style for my hair
  • short to medium hair length
  • easy to maintain hairstyle for my new up and go lifestyle

The more I actually zoned in on what I wanted the more it made sense for me to just have my hair out. With that decision I ripped off the wig and undid the cornrows. I had retained moisture from the coconut butter I had applied earlier so I just sat there and twisted my own hair. The below is the end result:


Not the clearest picture but judging from the picture above it looks like I finally got my hairstyle approved from the diva in waiting herself – Tasima.

Fast forward to today, I have been rocking my natural hair now for two going to three weeks and I am not yet bored.

As a black woman braids, weaves even wigs have always been my go to items just to make my life easier. Just rocking my own hair was often the last option because I don’t know about you I feel like a bold chicken even though my natural hair is thick as. The lack of movement – makes me think twice – that’s for another blog post. I digress.

In closing Tasima’s pure reaction to my hair reminded me that sometimes its just easier to be your natural self.


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    I just wanted to say congratulations. I remember when you first announced and I was so happy for you. Welcome to the club!

    • Reply IamTinashe April 21, 2016 at 6:13 PM

      Thank you – have been the best thing that i have ever had in my life.

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