Trust the Process

Before I went overseas I managed to fit in a shoot. Not sure how, but I did.

I hate being a prisoner of a schedule, so we just take photos when our schedules align and I am feeling up to being photographed. Seeing your own image/s can be confronting so you need to be in the right headspace.

This time around we gave each other two days notice to make it happen. A lot of people think that you show up and take pictures – but it’s a little harder than you would imagine.

We generally take pictures of four outfits for each week of the blogging month. To prepare for this I need to look through previous blog posts (I don’t want to bore you with the same content) and see what hasn’t been photographed in my wardrobe. I then need to put the completed looks together – hair, makeup, jewelry, outfit, and shoes. Finally, we pick a location that will capture the mood of the shoot without overshadowing the clothes.

I purchased this dress randomly from a woman who was selling clothes she had made. I’ve always loved the dress but because of the nude statues, I haven’t quite found the right occasion to wear it.

When I picked this outfit, it spoke to my inner child. It really took me back to when I was three or four years old and I was finally able to pick what I wanted to wear. This outfit is a representation of wearing what I want and how I want to wear it – not clouded by grown thoughts. Nothing really matches but that is the whole point – freedom of expression.

Special thanks to HPW Photography she always captures the most beautiful images.

Jewellery – South Africa | Dress – Random Vendor | Belt – Topshop | Boots – Wittner


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