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You Don’t Want To Catch A Brick…

When you see me with my hair up it means one of two things.

One: I am busy, completely booked and have no time to have my hair down or rubbing against my back.

Two: I have had my hairstyle for a few weeks and I am getting over it. Craving something new.

Even though I did the big chop and am going through the natural hair journey, blah blah blah….yawn.

Lord knows I love to have my hair braided. It reduces the time it takes for me leave the house.

The only drawback to having your hair braided is removing the braids – I hate that. Hate is a strong word, but I truly mean it in this context.

In a true act of desperation I sent the following to my friends:

Dear cherished friends,

You are cordially invited to attend my braid removal party.

When – anytime that YOU are available

Where – Canberra, Australia

As part of the braid removal celebrations entertainment, dinner and drinks will be provided. 

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.


Days passed and no one responded. I thought to myself, “what is wrong with these people?”. We even exchanged many other texts but no one brought up the ‘braid hair removal party”. The height of rudeness.

Before I convinced myself to shave my hair once more or spiralled into a pity party for one, I thought to myself if I had received the above invite what would I do? Well for starters I would think the heffer who sent the invite was mad. Although I would definitely not attend, I would still send a response along the lines of ‘hell to the NO!”.

Awkwardly, I did follow up with the invitees – couldn’t help myself  – they all thought I was joking and the message didn’t need a response. The lies they tell!

Long story short I will be spending the weekend undoing my hair, by my damn self – maybe the people invited will read this post, feel pity for me and drag their bum to my house and come help me.

…some wishful thinking.

Nerd Glasses – SportsGirl, Stripe Dress – Target, Leopard Boots – Witchery

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