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You Have My Heart, Mai Zee


As a mother, you love your child even before you’ve seen or met them. You guide them through life, celebrating their mile stones and helping them through their mistakes. Most of all you love your child for who they are and not what they are.

One of my friends recently celebrated her daughter’s birthday by posting a beautiful message. I was so moved by her message I asked her if I could share it here.

Prepare to be moved. *Grabs tissues*

My darling Miss Zee. 

I honestly cannot believe that four years ago I was just starting to go into labour. You bring so much love and light to our family. I am so proud to be your mama and daddy is so proud to have you as his little girl. You make us both happy. Your aunties, uncles, cousins, gogo and friends are so lucky to have you in their lives. 

You have grown so much in the last year. You can spell and write your name. You can count to 20…well, almost. You tend to forget 13 and 17 and call 11 eleventeen. Four seems so big to me. You asked me the other day if I’d still be able to pick you up and cuddle you in bed in the morning when you were four. I promised I could. I can still cuddle and hold you close, but you don’t fit as snuggly up against me as you used to. I love your dragon breath while you keep kissing all over my face saying “good morning mommy” it makes me feel so special. How did time pass by so quickly?

Princesses are your life. Frozen still rules the roost in our house, but Sofia The First is close behind. Dressing up is your favourite past time and you’ve never met a dress you didn’t like. Pants? Forget it. Unless it’s leggings (to go under a dress) I can keep dreaming. Your love for anything that sparkles still amazes me. Our weekly coffee and cake dates after your music classes, little shopping trips and you telling me what to buy because it will suit me… I never want them to end. 


Your singing might be my most favourite sound. I honestly can’t get enough. You’ve memorised over a dozen songs this year, including most of the soundtrack to Frozen. You started playing the keyboard and singing this year and you love it. It’s hilarious to watch your little fingers on the keys and hearing your beautiful voice singing along. Cartwheels are now easy peasy.

There is magic in your personality. You are kind and sensitive, but when you are mad, ooooh are you mad! I swear sometimes you could spit fire. Your looks would stop anyone in their tracks and often times, even though I’m infuriated, I have to hide my face to keep from smiling. That side look you give is are little Missy Bossy. But that’s what makes you who you are and I wouldn’t change a thing. I know one day you are going to be an amazing mother because it’s in you. I watch you play with your dolls especially with you hold her and dress her up so loving and gentle. 

This is the first year you’ve talked about a boy. You’ve told us you are going to marry him. You’ve told us he’s your boyfriend and you love him so much. Daddy and I weren’t prepared for this!

What will four bring you, Miss Zee? I hope a year of fun, learning and happiness. You are my bright shining star, my love, and I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

My biggest reason for living calls me Mommy. 

I love you.


So there you have it, such beautiful words shared by a mother who is watching her daughter grow right in front of her eyes.

IamTinashe xo

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